Want to know what we’re all about? We want to help you be as beautiful as you can be! There are so many expectations on us and the truth is, it feels good to live up them. That’s why we’re also about your convenience. The day-to-day of life can be hard, being beautiful doesn’t have to be.
That's why we made the Personal Stylist, a revolutionary hair care tool that features five snap-in attachments that you can swap out while you're out on the go. With everything in one convenient package, you'll never need to worry about having the right tool for those quick hair fixes.



Styling Brush

This will likely be your go to. The bristles are the perfect mixture; some flexibility so they can detangle or groom, and still have enough tension for styling.

Round Brush

Turn up the volume. This small round brush is perfect for adding curls and just the perfect amount of bounce to your locks.


Knotty knotty hair? You’re in luck, this attachment gently detangles and will become your best friend right after a hot shower. The teeth are also perfectly spaced so that you can take control of the finest aspects of your beautiful hair as well. 

Pin Tail

 No more zig zag parts. Perfect for flawlessly sectioning your hair, taming flyaways, and it’s also the ultimate pony tail de-bumper. That’s right...de-bumper.


Like little tiny fingers at your beck and call. Doing the work of detangling, refining, and massaging your scalp until everything is just like you like it and you are in your happy place.